Create Your 6-Figure Plan

You’ll learn how to review your packages and services to ensure they're profitable for your business, have a chance to set actionable goals to achieve (or even exceed) the proposed budget, and leave feeling confident and empowered about how to make you first or next six figures!

Plus, since it’s a pre-recorded workshop, you can learn at your own pace. As a special bonus, I’ll give you my profitable services template to help you maximize your profits and minimize your expenses!

Don't take it from's what past students have said:

"This is an amazing workshop! Brandee talked everything budget and teached us how to grow your business. It is an eye opening workshop and totally worth it. Absolutely recommend it!"

"Since completing the course, not only do I feel more educated about creating a budget, I feel empowered to do so! To see my TRUE numbers, and what it really costs to operate my business, I now feel confident that I need to restructure my package pricing. I was given the exact building blocks I needed to create a strong financial foundation. The information was given in such a crystal clear presentation format, and I loved that we were able to work together and when the course ended our plan for the next year was complete. We had Brandee right there with us to answer questions as we went along, so no one left the course confused. HIGHLY recommend this course for any small business owner!"

"The 6-figureplan workshop was so insightful! I always wondered how much money I needed to keep my business running every month and we were able to factor this number within an hour. I also realized where I need to make changes to reach my own income goal. I love that no matter what a pay for yourself is factored in. Brandee's budget system was so helpful!"

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Before We Start

To get the most out of this workshop, there are a few things you should have handy before we start.  Let's pull those together first!

I know it seems like a lot but it should only take you about 30 minutes to gather all of these things and have them ready.  Again, don't worry about creating anything fancy to log it all.  I've got that for you and we'll do it together during the workshop.  

    Download Me!

    Last step before we dive into the the Profitable Services Template. 

    We'll use this throughout the workshop to fill in your expenses, dream expenses, income goals and profitable packages.

    Download the Profitable Services Template here.

    Let's Create Your Plan!!

    This course was done live on zoom.  Feel free to pause, rewind or skip ahead as you create your own 6-Figure Plan.  

    I'm so excited for the exponential growth you will achieve when you know your numbers!!!

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